Natural Gas Powered Generators Can Help You out in Times of Trouble

If you were to speak to a professional, they will tell you that they would never use gasoline for their backup generators. Indeed, places where power is vital, such as big supermarkets or hospitals, would never even consider it. Rather, they choose natural gas or, at a push, diesel. This is because gasoline can cause an engine to fail, not in the least because it has a very limited life. Furthermore, if there is a national emergency, gasoline starts to get hoarded, which means it will be hard to access and will be rationed.


Indeed, when the hurricanes hit Florida, people immediately started to hoard gasoline. So much so, in fact, that people started to enter into physical fights just to get more of it. Yet, there was plenty of natural gas, propane and diesel available. And that is why it is a better option for emergency generators.

If gasoline isn’t used regularly, it will start to clog up the carburetor, eventually breaking down the engine. If this happens, which you won’t find out until you switch it on, you generator will basically be broken. So, you will be stuck with a broken generator for which you are unlikely to be able to get fuel as well.

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Choosing instead to invest in natural gas powered generators can help you save time, money and a whole lot of hassle. The engines are highly durable, they work better if the weather is extreme and they are affordable. Plus, you currently have a gasoline generator, you can use a DIY kit to change it into a natural gas one instead.

Natural gas can be stored for a long time and won’t break the engine of your generator. It also won’t cause toxic fumes to get into the air. There is an unlimited supply of it at present, which means it is a highly reliable fuel source.

There are a number of clear benefits to choosing natural gas or propane. These include:

  • The power of the engine is as good if not better than a gasoline model.
  • You will be able to run the generator longer without any interruption.
  • You attach the generator straight to the usual gas pipe lines or large tanks. Naturally, you can also purchase your own.
  • Since there is such a large fuel supply, and such a small running out load, the generator itself will last far longer.
  • You can alternate the uncontaminated burning fuel. This will help to further extend the life of the engine itself.
  • It is a very clean burning alternative, which is also an important issue.

Clearly, if you are considering purchasing a generator, you should opt for a natural gas model. If you already have a generator, you may want to look at converting it to a natural gas one. The benefits go on and on, and since having emergency power is about your personal protection, knowing that you will actually be able to use it is vital to your success.

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